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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Contact the Competition

They probably won't even acknowledge us but we still need to let the competition know that we are on to them. Be gentle with the third parties, we're all in the same boat. I was going to say hammer Bush and Kerry, but maybe it's better to play the innocent undecided. I think the bidding is up to lifetime tax exemption, a night in the Lincoln bedroom, and two days free use of all Patriot Act authority for any swing voter if you commit to them. I could be wrong about some of this, but I'm sure your vote is worth something to them.

Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.
P.O. Box 10648
Arlington, VA 22210
ph: 703-647-2700
fax: 703-647-2993

John Kerry for President, Inc.
P.O. Box 34640
Washington, DC 20043
ph: 202-712-3000
fax: 202-712-3001

NOTE: Immediately after contacting the Bush or Kerry campaigns please answer your front door, the Secret Service would like to talk to you. Just kidding, a little Patriot Act humor there. Haha, gulp.

On second thought, I really don't think it is neccesary to contact other third party candidates regarding debates. They all want the same thing we do. Unless of course you have connections with an activist group affiliated with them that will pitch in with us. Regardless here are the campaign addresses.

Cobb-LaMarche '04 (Green Party)
P.O. Box 693
Eureka, CA 95502
ph: 646-619-1149
fax: 212-400-7200

Nader for President 2004 (Independent/Reform)
P.O. Box 18002
Washington, D.C. 20036
ph: 202-265-4000
fax: N/A

Peroutka 2004 (Constitution)
8028 Rithcie Highway, Suite 303
Pasadena, MD 21122
ph: 877-627-2004
fax: 410-766-8592

Gary Feezel

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