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Monday, August 23, 2004

Debate Sponsor E-mail Contacts

Like some board members of the CPD, direct contact addresses of debate sponsors can be hard to pin down. Especially given that the sponsors are generally giant corporations or well funded foundations, finding the right contact can be difficult at best

It is interesting that some CPD board members have current and/or past connections to debate sponsors. Newton Minow once studied debates produced by the CPD for the 20th Century Fund (now the Century Foundation), in which he concluded everything was rosey. He was named to the Board of the CPD shortly afterward.

These are the sponsors for the 2000 debates since the 2004 sponsors have not been announced as of yet. We must discourage these groups from involving themselves in this fraud called debates again.

The Marjorie Kovler Fund, chaired by Peter B. Kovler, also chair of the Center for National Policy, general contact there is Kevin Lawler (attention Peter B. Kovler)

Anheuser-Busch (general contact)

The Century Foundation (formerly the 20th Century Fund) President, Richard C. Leone (may not work), alternate, Program Officer, Thad Hall

Ford Motor Company Fund, President, Sandra E. Ulsh (general contact)

The Ford Foundation (general contact)

AARP (formerly American Assoc. of Retired Persons) (general contact)

The Knight Foundation (general contact)

US Airways (Consumer Affairs)

3Com (general contact)

Above are the "General Debate Sponsors", the "Internet Sponsors" will be posted later.

Gary L. Feezel

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