Debate Badnarik

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Does anyone have a Grassroots Campaign Meter?

As I said in the very beginning of this effort we may never win this but it will not be for lack of trying. So as long as we are going to try, shouldn't we have some way of tracking what we tried? I am almost affraid to know the results, affraid to learn that campaign was too small, or our work was too ineffective. But we should know shouldn't we, as part of a learning process or for historical perspective?

My question to you is how can we keep track of the product of this campaign? We could write something into every letter, or try to get feedback from every contact, or have every participant report back exactly what contacts they made. What do you folks think? What can we do to this end? Is it worth bothering with, and how do we collect the information?

Of course seeing Michael Badnarik on that stage with Bush and Kerry (and anyone else) would tell me we did slightly more than we needed to, so then I wouldn't care about what it was that worked. If we can't get him in the debates we'll need to refine the effort.


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