Debate Badnarik

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Greetings Debate Badnarik Blog Team Members

I have made this blog as a place for us to brainstorm our idea of setting up a blog devoted to getting Michael Badnarik into the debates.

I have sent the username and password of this blog to you via email.

Go here to sign in to the blogger control panel. Or click on the "I Power Blogger" button at the bottom of the left hand column.

Use the unsername and password that I sent you by email.

Post any questions you have about using the blog here.

Post your ideas here. We can build up the blogroll and links section and add pictures of all bloggers or whatever we want to to. We may even decide to use some other blogging software and move the blog to some other domain name.

We can get rid of the Blogger Navigation Bar at the top of the blog by sending a request to blogger support to have them do that for us I believe. Go here to ask the Blogger people to remove the nav bar from the top of our blog.

My idea is to move off of the email discussion and begin to work the project here on this blog and keep pushing things forward from here.

Please leave comments and suggestions and be sure to sign your name at the end of your post so we all know who you are.

Doug Kenline

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