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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hello Team!

From William Hand

It is exciting to know that we are getting more people on board and are really starting to get on the ball! I have a feeling that we are going to accomplish some great things, and of course get Michael Badnarik into the debates!

First of all, welcome Jason Gatties! It is great to have you and your wife on board!

Well, it looks like we are going with the name BADNARIK! (For goodness sakes, I can't remember exactly what that acronym stands for, after several hours at work my mind is mush) That issue is settled! :-)

Secondly, it looks like Michael is going to work on a website template for us! That is great, because we need to get this ball rolling as quickly as possible because the debates are not far away! And we need to have something to show the campaign so we can all get accounts with their blog. Here are a few ideas about the site...

1) Lets make sure the site has a huge direct link to the Badnarik Blog. This needs to be in a direct and obvioius place, because in addition to our website we will be posting announcments, activism alerts, and so fourth on their blog. We need a really cool graphic for people to click on to take them to the blog.

2) We need an area (and/or with a seperate page) for who we are or a statement of principles, information on how to contact the debates commission, a frequently asked questions list, press releases, who is Michael Badnarik, and so fourth! Also, I believe that we need a graphic or a map stressing the fact that he is on the ballot NATIONWIDE will be important to get our point across.. maybe... "He's Bad.. He's Nation wide.. He's Michael Badnarik!"

3) The site needs to be super-duper professional. It needs to be something that will attract many people and be on the level with that of Bush and Kerry's site. Of course it does not have to be quite as complex with as many different pages, tabs, and so fourth. But it needs to make people think, "Whoa, why have I not heard of THIS canidate?"

Immediately after we have a website template then we can all work together on filling out the information that needs to be on it. Once it is completed then we need to have a representitive email the Badnarik campaign and ask for accounts to their Blog for our team (or perhaps one BADNARIK account).

Again, I urge all of you to put as much time and effort into this as possible. I understand we are all busy with many other things, but having Liberty in this nation once again is critical. Because if Bush or Kerry is allowed to take charge of our already overgrown and bloated government for another four years we are going to end up with a *police state* in 2008 and we probably won't ever have an election again.

The key to getting a victory this election is getting Badnarik some major media attension and I can't think of anything better than getting him into the debates! Three sessions of debating Bush and Kerry on live TV would boost him like crazy. You see, most people don't even know Libertarians exist, some people know Libertarians exist but don't know hardly anything about the party, and those that do know about the party have not heard enough to be conviced to support us. If we could get votes from all these three groups then we can WIN THIS ELECTION!

We are going to have to get a lot done in a short ammount of time, but we can get this accomplished. Erase all doubt from your mind IMMEDIATELY this very moment. We will get him into the debates, and we are going to utilize every single legal, lawful, and peaceful method to get it accomplished! We will not give up, we will not surrender, and we will not turn back!

It is time for the era of BADNARIK.

William Hand

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