Debate Badnarik

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Is anybody goin' to San Antoine?

Or Phoenix, Arizona?

Just some random humor. How much money are we workin' with here? I got five bucks.

If I had some money I'd pay some yahoo to slap us up a slick blog like this or this here...

or use this....

with plans of migrating to after the election win or lose.

or maybe

and make a commercial venture out of it. Plan on making it THE destination portal for all things debate. Maybe have Bill Gates debating Arnold Scwarzenegger and all kinds of debates going on. Make it as common as Google. Someday take the thing public with an IPO stock offering. Make it part of American colloquiallism for people to say, "Did you hear So-and-So was debating old What's-his-name over at The Debate Blog?" It could be bigger than Hardblogger who by the way hides their blog traffic stats from the people and refuses to allow reader comments. We may be bigger than Hardblogger right now for all we know. Could start running ads from candidates who want to challenge other candidates to a blog debate. Might start getting millions of viewers per day. Tired. Also need a "Read More--->" link maker function like we got at MB blog so a lot of this drivel could be hidden back on page two.


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