Debate Badnarik

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Let the Movement Begin

We need to clearly define why we are undertaking this effort. Everyone on board with this movement so far is a dedicated believer in, and promoter of Michael Badanrik, Libertarian Candidate for President. And as such we want to see him debate the democrat and republican candidates. But our goal goes beyond that, we have all stated that any viable third party candidate should be allowed in the debates, and that can only be good for democracy and our country.

As it stands now the major party candidates are only looking at debates held by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). A serious and austere sounding organization that was conceived and created with the purpose of keeping third parties out of the debates.

The only other organization prepared to undertake the daunting task of putting on debates during this election cycle would be the group called Open Debates . As there are no guarantees that even they would allow Michael Badnarik, or any other third party candidate currently in the race in their debates there has been some concern about our supporting them. But at this point there is no other option since it would be impossible to put together the funding and make the many arrangements needed to run debates worthy of a presidential campaign in the short time before the election in November.

Therefore we need to put the heat on the CPD, with the longshot hope of them actually allowing third parties into debates they may put on, and at the same time build support for the more likely eventuality of getting the major parties to commit to Open Debates, and being accepted there.

Gary Feezel

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