Debate Badnarik

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

First of all its great to see people so dedicated to this cause. We got some great news earlier today in Michigan when we found out that Michael Badnarik & Richard Campagna will appear on the ballots this November. So I guess you can say I feel even more passionate about getting Badnarik on TV debating Kerry & Bush.

Having an online blog & website is an awesome step in the right direction, however, lets not forget what got the Libertarian Party to where it stands today.

In addition to getting as much information out there as possible online, we must also take to the streets and do some grassroots type activism. We need to make "Open Debates" themed flyers to spread around town. We need to continue writing letters to the local media demanding that Michael Badnarik be allowed to debate. We need to talk to friends and co workers to educate them on Libertarian values and why it is important for the American public to actually have a choice this upcoming election. The only way this election will ever be considered "fair and just" is to allow candidates such as Badnarik the opportunity to address the American public in a nationally televised debate.

Keep up the internet activism because its perhaps the most powerful tool our generation has ever seen, but lets not forget what got us to where we are today.

I'm going to kick start the internet campaign tonight. I am a master promoter and visitors will arrive to check out what we are all about here.

Jason Gatties

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