Debate Badnarik

Monday, August 23, 2004

Letter to the Editor Campaign

If you don't have a contact list already for all the newspapers in your region (letters to the editor in particular) please develope one ASAP. I can see this as a crucial phase of this movement. Smaller newspapers especially seem to be starved for content, and we can reach out to other open debate minded individuals there if we can get our url printed in LTE's.

I write a letter about once a week that I send to 8 papers in my area. One went out last night and one paper called today, it will run in the next week. That will be 4 published in 5 weeks! As my published letters aren't debate related I will post them to my own blog. Feel free to copy and/or edit them and sign your name for submission to your local papers.

If your paper has a political writer or editor get their address too, we will appeal to them to write on open debates.


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