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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Not "The" Debate, But "A" Debate is Scheduled

I uncovered this yesterday but kept it under my hat by request of the campaign, now that it's official...

I guess it pays to get out of the house (or off the blog as it were) every once in a while. Earlier today I get an e-mail in response to my posting on Badnarik2004 site in Yahoo! Groups from Donald Meinshausen. He informs me that he has a movement to organize completely independent debates with third party candidates (and Bush and Kerry of course). Apparently this is a top secret operation, because I've been on this project for three weeks now and we've been mentioned on Badnarik's blog, and we've been in touch with the campaign, yet I've never heard about Donald before.

Tonight I'm spying around on the Green website when I come across this....

David Cobb debates During RNC!
David Cobb will be debating Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Michael Badnarik, along with other third-party candidates to be announced. George Bush and John Kerry will have been invited as well-- maybe we'll seem them there!
WHEN: Tuesday August 31st, 7PM WHERE: St. Raphael Church, 502 W.41st St (NYC)

Now I'm not upset, or jealous, but this is the kind of thing we should be shouting from the rafters. This isn't even mentioned on his schedule. As we tout our man for the big debates we should be letting everyone know he's warming up against the other third parties. This is the kind of thing we should exploit to gain exposure. Exposure for the campaign in general, for any debate Mr. Badnarik participates in and for this movement.

Note: After a little research (and much to my embarrassment) I learn that Donald Meinshausen has been with the LP from day one. I should have known, I am humbled.

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