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Monday, August 30, 2004

Off Topic - Quid Pro Quos

Please indulge me while I thank some friends.

I've never met Michael Badnarik, never even seen him live. A friend described being moved to tears by his speech at the convention in Atlanta so I wandered over to the campaign blog and listened to the audioblogs, and saw a couple video clips there and at some of the supporters sites. Through seeing and watching Mr. Badnarik I became committed not just to a party, but to a candidate. As I saw and heard him more I became active, for the first time in my life. On Saturday I went to and watched their video documentary "An American Revolution" and I was nearly moved to tears. Produced by Walt Thiessen and his crew, he admits it is not Hollywood grade (and he describes the difficulties they encountered on his site) but it is inspiring. The commitment of my vote, my move to activism, all the labor I've spent here has been justified and reaffirmed by watching this video. Want to believe in someone who believes in America and you? Watch this free video. It's available as a slide show or audio only for dial-ups.

I sent a note of appreciation to Walt Thiessen to thank him for making the video and we began a little dialogue. He has promised to use his LibertarianTV contact list as well as his contacts in the Northern Virginia LP to try and rally some more activists for our effort. Thanks Walt. Quid pro quo.

When I was first moved to activism I couldn't find anyone who would assign me to a task. Terrible feeling wanting to do something, anything, and not knowing what to do. So I eventually got hooked up with my friend Christina Tobin working on ballot access against the insidious and evil democrats of Cook County, Illinois. Fighting for Ralph Nader specifically, but you know the importance of ballot access to third parties. We're fortunate Nader can afford to fight, he's helping to tear down walls for all of us. There is a Rock the Vote festival near my home this weekend, and Christina and her Naderite/Greens were invited, she insisted the Libertarians be invited too. We'll be there! Thanks Christina. Quid pro quo.

Without Christina this event may have gone off without our notice. Instead we'll be able to reach out to over 1000 newly registered voters. Wonder how they feel about the debates: )

Gary Feezel

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