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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Please Forgive Me

I feel like a sick freak. I AM a privacy freak. I throw away nothing with my name on it, I shred all my mail, I keep an unlisted phone number, I go out of my way to make sure nobody gets information about me. During the 2000 elections my local State Rep. left an automated campaign message on my answering machine. I called and asked to be removed from their list. The next night another call. I demanded to be taken off their list. The next two nights I got calls from supporters of his. I then called him at his personal office (a lawyer) and gave him a 15 minute rant on the right to privacy. He in turn introduce the do-not-call list in Illinois (certainly not my intent) which a couple friends now call "Gary's Law."

I must confess. To get supporters for this movement I went back to the Badnarik campaign blog and checked all the posting regarding debates. Then I compiled a list of every name who commented favorably on getting Mr. Badnarik into the debate. Some post their own blogs or websites, so I've been visiting each site to try and find e-mail contacts in order to recruit them to this cause. If there was no links posted I've been trying Google to track these folks down. I feel like a one-man echelon.

Yesterday when I posted to Badnarik2004 in yahoo-groups 10 people replied, 5 of you were on my list, so you saved me the effort, and thus the guilt (and born Irish-Catholic do I have guilt).

Am I wrong to do this? Should I leave private people alone? This cause is important enough I feel I should do it but at the same time I feel like I'm peeking in windows. It just doesn't seem Libertarian. Advice please.

Gary Feezel

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