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Thursday, August 26, 2004

William, and group,

I understand your fixation, William, on a professional website. I think we need one too. I've not heard from the badnarik campaign lately about it. And I'm willing to venture a guess that they ran into a few bugs in their code.

Here's the thing William. It takes loads of time to make a highly professional site. We are talking months. So even if we started now, and I had 3-4 designers working with me, and we could work on it 24/7, it would take at least 2 months to get something really nice. I think that you may not understand what it takes to get a site of the caliber that we want, up.

And what's the point of it? The point of having the site is to get more people to spread the word, a central place for information, and a place where we can point the media to as a point of reference.

If point one is to mobilize troops, then why would any of us try to delay this if we can do it sooner than getting the site up. If you have an opportunity to start mobilizing the troops now, before the sites up, it would be negligent not to do so.

The rest will keep going. But you must know it is a long hard pull. It will not come quickly. Because of time constraints for this goal it is best to coordinate between hitting the streets, using as much campaign resources as we can, and blogging it on our own.

Please have patience William, and the others. As a Senior LP member, whom I respect, once told me (the gist of it at least), life comes before politics.

I will get back to work now.

Michael Christenson
Vice-Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Southwest Michigan
Cell: (269)591-0931

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