Debate Badnarik

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Report by Doug Kenline

Greetings all team members of the Debate Badnarik blog. It is a noble undertaking indeed. Blogging software is the key. Should we use Blogger, or WordPress, or B2 Evo, or something else?

The debates will move into the blogsphere before we know it. If I ran the campaign I'd set up a video blog like the Microsoft Channel 9 blog and have Michael Badnarik do a 5 minute video once every day. Impromptu. Speaking from the heart. Lighting the fires of Liberty.

But I don't run the campaign. And time is running out. I think we should run like the wind up until the election and also have a long term objective in mind for after the election. We will accomplish much between now and November 2. Let's not let that effort be in vain regardless of the outcome.

Amrageddon may come tomorrow and it might be 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30, or 50 years or 100 years down the road. It may never come. I guess none of us know for sure.

So my attitude is to play with a positive mental attitude and play to win every day. In the world that I know, this requires many hours of work at my chosen field of profession. Much time, energy, and effort to win in the game of life that I know.

Now on the grand scale we have things like Presidential elections. And yes, I believe that if Michael Badnarik were to win the election that this would be a better world. And I believe that it could happen.

So that's my two cents worth from a tired man who owes the IRS $95,000 and just got home from a twelve hour day on the telephone turning up broadband circuits for Sprint after recently having my paycheck garnished.

God Bless America.

Doug Kenline

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