Debate Badnarik

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A Report by Gary Feezel

This particular movement began with the impassioned postings of several supporters of Michael Badnarik on his campaign blog. The idea of opening the presidential debates to more voices is not exclusive to Badnarik supporters, and certainly not new to the political scene. Many people have worked for years to open debates, and we have the distinct advantage of being able to use all of their combined experience and research to increase our odds of success. And this year, with the increasing influence of the internet in the political process (think blogs, campaign sites, etc) and the actions of others (lawsuits against the CPD) we have a unique opportunity to make this happen.

I am relatively new to political activism, and have never put together a movement before so I admit I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants on this. However by reading literally hundreds of pages of plans, ideas, experiences, and background on past and current efforts by others, a plan of action began to come together for us. We will have to make a pest of ourselves. We will have to demand, plea, appeal, and harass where appropriate to make our voices heard.

What I am planning is to bombard everyone connected with both CPD and CDC debates, including producers, sponsors, hosts, presenters, moderators and the candidates themselves. Additionally we will reach out to all forms of media, and like-minded groups with e-mail, snail-mail, press releases, letters to the editor, and phone calls, basically any and every form of communication will be used. I would hope to get everyone who joins us to make a minimum of 10 contacts each. We will make it easy for everyone to participate by providing an easy to use list of contacts, and sample letters tailored to the intended recipient.

In addition to the contact addresses already posted to this blog the mother-lode of activist contacts is at Sample letters will be posted here soon.

We have 30-plus days to the first CPD debate, and I think we are progressing well. This blog is plenty sufficient for the time being, to provide communication and running commentary as we've been doing. A website wouldn't do us any good without content, and that is coming together now. I have come to believe that an intense, sustained two week period of pressure will serve us best. The media and the public's attention span can only be held for that long anyhow. Besides when we fire up we will need every moment of our own time to orchestrate this effort.

If we use the rest of this week to build our core group and gather more content, hopefully we'll be ready to move onto the Badnarik campaign site(or that they'll be ready for us) by next Monday, then we go into action. An all out two week campaign as mentioned earlier puts us in mid September which leaves plenty of time for Mr. Badnarik to re-arrange his schedule and get the plane tickets to Miami : )

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