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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Report From Doug Kenline

Ok team, I think we're doing great. I added Gary Feezel to the list of team bloggers but I don't know your blog address Gary. Post it here and I'll make a link to it out of your name in the left hand column.

I like using the blog to communicate better than email for many reasons. I say we do all of our conversatin' here at the blog.

Blogger software seems to be acting screwy. Takes forever to get the dern thing to publish.

MoveableType is leading the field I believe in blogging software but they charge for it. I'm more in tune with using free opensource software like b2evolution or WordPress. There is a learning curve with any of them. I'd just as soon become better at opensource. It's the best in my opinion.

Also we need to decide on a domain name if we want to host our own blog. I say we use this one.

Or maybe we should go with something that will still be good AFTER the election, maybe something like this.

What is happening today with the blogs may be the biggest story of them all. I'm thinking maybe we should think long term. Of course, getting Michael Badnarik into the debates is the main focus right now.

I'm thinking of Howard Dean who continues to be a presence in the blogosphere even after he lost the nomination verses Aaron Russo who has torn down his blog and completely and totally disappeared since losing the nomination.

Is this a two minute blog that will disappear after November 2, or is this a lifetime blog that will continue to grow forever and eventually guarantee that nobody is ever left out of any debate ever again?

This from Instapundit ( 150,000 readers per day )...

To me, that's a bigger deal than the underlying issue or even, in some ways, the election itself. Elections come and go, politicians come and go, and pretty much all of them turn out to be disappointments one way or another. But the "Fourth Estate" is a big part of the unelected Permanent Government that in many ways does more to run the country than the politicians. And it's unravelling before our very eyes, which I think is the biggest story of the election so far.

Read here.

Doug Kenline

UPDATE: I like this template that Jason Gatties did. Needs date and time stamps for every post on front page and also reader comments on front page. I can't tell what kind of blogging software he's using if any.

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