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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Activist Alert for 9/17/04

We need to keep pounding the media, weaken their resolve to keep the media blackout going. Send a new Letter to the Editor every day until you're published. Everyone should develop their own contact list for your local media and keep that handy, you can get leads at our website . For today's featured outreach we're going to hit the debate hosts. The first CPD debate will be 9/30/04 at the University of Miami. Interestingly the president there is Donna Shalala. You may recall she was the HHS Secretary during the Clinton regime.

1. Contact the debate hosts, particularly Donna Shalala at UM
2. Send a "Letter to the Editor" to all your local papers
3. Write to the Political Editor of your local TV, Radio, and Newspapers demanding they cover this inequity, and mention as a legitimate debate option.

Sample letters and contact addresses can be found at our new website. the letters are posted under "Highlights" and the contacts are in the links to the left of the page. If you cc:DBcontactmade@yahoo.comit will help us keep track of the volume of contacts made. Let's get our candidate into the debates.

Gary Feezel

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