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Friday, September 24, 2004

Activist Alert for 9/24/04

Forgive the delay in getting an alert posted. Scheduling conflicts kept us from getting it done and at the same time each of us though the other guy was doing it.

Let me say everyone's participation has been inspiring, and it really keeps us going. Finding new contacts, writing new letters, putting together these alerts, and keeping up with the incoming mail can be a time consuming effort. But it is all made worth while when we see so many others who believe in Michael Badnarik, and want to get him in the debates as much as we do.

We are working on contacts and content for a whole new angle that I am sure you will find exciting so stand by for that while we get it ready. I know you'll want to take part in that but in the mean time there is more work to be done. Please take the following actions to help Michael Badnarik win this election.

1) Contribute what ever you can spare to the Badnarik Campaign. Your help here is important, your financial help is crucial!
2) Send a Letter to the Editor to all of your local newspapers

You can find sample letters and leads to help find your local media links at our website. Not brag but I had three different LTE's published in the last week in Chicago area papers. All of the those letters are taken from the samples on the website.

Thanks for your participation,
Gary Feezel

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