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Monday, September 06, 2004

Contacts and Sample Letters to the Editor


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Sample Letter 1 - Compliments of Y. Kelly of Texas

Dear Editor:
The presidential debates are almost here. I ask for reader support to open these debates to include all electable presidential candidates. This year a very high percentage of voters (20%+ according to the Cato Institute) are disenfranchised and unhappy with the two-party candidates. Hence, the public is best served by having a true, unbiased picture of the alternate choices by seeing ALL candidates in this forum.

The Republican and Democratic candidates typically refuse to debate with third party candidates, citing their own arbitrary standards for exclusion. They own the system, make the rules and act like a ruling establishment who knows best about what choices YOU the voter should be ALLOWED. But, it is WE THE PEOPLE who own the system and if we don't own the debates, we don't own our votes. An open date could be fiery! It might actually increase public interest in the election. People might be empowered to see that their vote matters. Contrast that to what you've fallen asleep to in the past.......Republican and Democratic "pet" journalists, asking pre-scripted, softball questions, complete with rehearsed answers. Is that how they keep their seats on Air Force One at your expense?

Here's a simple, quick way to assert your right to hear ALL the candidates and ALL the facts. Go to and sign the petition NOW. Call the Kerry and Bush campaigns on their toll free numbers and tell them it is not acceptable to exclude third-party candidates who are on the ballot in enough states to be electable. Call their bluff. Don't leave it to someone else. It's your vote. Make it count.


Sample Letter 2 - Compliments of T. Blanton of Virginia

Dear Editor,
Americans are being deprived of meaningful political discourse because Bush and Kerry are too much alike. Besides being Skull and Bones frat brothers, they are both big government establishment politicians. Bush and Kerry share a fondness for the same sort of policies. Kerry did not oppose Bush's Iraq War, Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, or Prescription Drug Benefit Plan. The debates will be little more than a showcase for the rhetorical performances of Bush and Kerry. Of course, they will present a plethora of promises and programs to be paid for by us. Voters are short-changed when debate is reduced to partisan platitudes. Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik ( will not be at the debates. Despite achieving ballot access in most states and a Rasmussen poll showing 68% in favor of including Badnarik in the debates, he will be excluded. Are the Bonesmen afraid of Badnarik?


Sample Letter 3 - Contributed by J. Spinks of New Mexico

Dear Editor,
Currently the qualification to compete in the debates is 15% of the national vote. I would submit that any candidate that is placed on the ballot for 2/3rds of the States should be allowed to debate. This is a guideline given by the U.S. Constitution to pass an amendment. Why then can't a candidate be qualified to debate under the same requirements?

I submit the current requirement is simply a number picked out of the air, to further restrict the Democratic process of election. If more than 7 candidates run who then gets their voice heard better than the others? Simple math: 7X15=105%. Does this mean that 1 candidate of the 7 gets the boot? Lets hope its a major party candidate.


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Thank you for participating,
Gary Feezel

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