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Monday, September 20, 2004

Action Alert 9/21/04

The first debate will be upon us all in just under ten days! In a short period of time we have gathered together an ever growing group of individuals that have been sending out a steady stream of letters, emails, and phone calls. They have been telling those in charge of the debates, those who will be hosting the debates, and the media that will be covering the debates that Michael Badnarik the Libertarian candiate for president MUST BE INCLUDED!

Our effort is just beginning, and it is time for another round of contacts with tonights activism alert!

First of all, we have two specific individuals we would like for you to contact:

The first individual is Donna E Shalala, President of the University of Miami. She will be hosting the first presidential debate which will be taking place in just under ten days. Lets all contact her! Here is her contact information:

230 Ashe Administration Building1252 Memorial Drive Coral Gables, FL 33146 MAP
Phone: 305-284-5155 E-mail:

And if that email does not work, please send it directly through her website at:,3342,,00.html?

The second contact we want you to make tonight is Janet H. Brown the Executive Director of the CPD. Her contact information is as follows:

1200 New Hampshire Ave., NWSuite 445 Washington, D.C., 20036
Phone: 202-872-1020 Fax: N/A E-mail:

Please make sure that you email, call, and write both of these individuals, and if possible copy the correspondence with each one to the other contact. That way they will each know the other is aware of the increasing pressure to allow Michael Badnarik into the debates!

Once you contact them please make a post on this blog and let us know that your contact was made! Not only will it help document the contacts that have been made, but will send a clear message to others visiting this site that they need to join in on the effort!

Now, don't forget to continue doing all of the following each day:

1) Contacting *all* of the CPD members and debate hosts.
2) Writing and sending letters to the newspaper editors in your area.
3) Continually seeking new contacts with media outlets (national and local) and political reporters so you can let them know Michael Badnarik deserves to be included in the debates.

Better yet, when you possibly can copy the correspondence with one person to a media outlet or political reporter. Let the individuals you are contacting know that many others KNOW that they are being contacted! Keep up the pressure!

For all the contact information and newly updated sample letters that you can use as a guideline for your own please visit our website and please click here and join our activism list if you have not already!

Also, please feel free to copy your letters to as well.

Don't forget to spread the word about and let others know they need to get involved!

There is a lot of work left to do, but if we all work together we can get Michael Badnarik into the debates!

We look forward to your comments!

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