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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Don't Shoot Me, I'm Only the Bartender

One of our fellow activists, Mr. X mentioned that he has been unable to reach Janet Brown of the CPD by phone and it made me wonder what kind of responses other folks have been getting.

My favorite so far is from debate sponsor Anheuser-Busch who wrote in part..."Although we are sponsors of the debates, Anheuser-Busch has had no role in determining any aspect of how the debates will take place". Hence the title of this post. At least they read the letter I sent. I got an interesting one from the Kerry campaign. In thier response they spelled my name wrong, which tells me a real human read it and prepared the response, but of course the bulk of their letter was standard campaign form letter and a plea for money. I get plenty responses of the "we'll get back to you" variety, which can be expected.

Anyone have any good war stories from your efforts? How about successes? Share them in comments or through e-mail. Keep up the good work everyone.

Gary Feezel

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