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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Lights of Liberty Award

While working to get Michael Badnarik into the debates keep the Lights of Liberty Award in mind. This award is granted by the Advocates for Self Government, the same folks who bring you "The World's Smallest Political Quiz" online. To win the award you need to get three "Letters to the Editor" published in one year that include the word Libertarian. You also qualify if you work three shifts in an OPH booth, or give three Libertarian themed speeches to non-Libertarian groups. Once you reach these goals you will receive a certificate, recognition from your local, state, and the national parties, a free subscription to The Libertarian Communicator magazine, and other fabulous prizes.

All this just for promoting something you already believe in! Check out the details here if you want and start sending out those letters to get the "Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik" into the debates. (Hint, hint)

Gary Feezel

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