Debate Badnarik

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

It is time we start contacting the television media of Badnarik's debate in Florida on Sept 30th.

First of all, please try and contact the following list first. These stations are closer to the debate, and would be more likely to cover it. Secondly, please go to the webpage listed at the end of the list for contact information for ALL the TV stations in Florida!

After you contact the specific stations first then please move on to as many other stations in the state as possible.

Remember, please be polite, respectful, and courteous! Do NOT be "demanding" or rude. Please politely ask them to cover this debate, and stress the importance of it and the contrast between it and the SCRIPTED and PHONEY CPD "debate".

Miami NBC6 NBC 06
(305) 379-6666
Entire team at:

Miami WFOR CBS 04

Miami WSVN FOX 07
(305) 751-6692

Miami WPLG ABC 10
(305) 576-1010

Palm Beach WPBF ABC 25
Email and Phone information:

Palm Beach CBS WPEC (Ch. 12)
Email and Phone information

Palm Beach FOX 29 WFLX
Email, Phone, and Fax info

Palm Beach NBC
Email, Phone, and Fax info

For a great website that lists ALL the television stations in Florida please visit:

Also, please do NOT forget to contact the list of newspaper reporters and national media in the previous post. Please continue emailing them as well.

Please call, fax, and email these stations ASAP! We need to let them know about Badnarik's upcoming debate!

Thank you!

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