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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Tonight has been very exciting indeed! The Michael Badnarik campaign for president is accelerating and his support is growing! Tonight not only has the WWE included him in their election debate, MTV has posted an article about him, the fundraising effort on the Badnarik site is going great, but the campaign has announced that they have filed an injunction to STOP the third CPD presidential debate!

That's right! Unless MICHAEL BADNARIK is included in the third debate there might not be one AT ALL!

For tonight it is important that we look back at our efforts and continue to move forward. In the past few weeks several "Debate Badnarik" alerts have been issued. They have asked you to do the follow:

1) Contact (phone, fax, write, and email) everyone in charge of and involved with the CPD debates and DEMAND (peacefully and respectfully) that they include Michael Badnarik.

2) Contact everyone involved with the Open Debates and demand that they include Michael Badnarik.

3) Contact media all across the state of Florida (especially in the Miami area) and let them know about the third party debate Michael Badnarik will be participating in tommorow. (You know, the one that is a real "debate" in which candidates can actually ask each other questions!)

Please continue with all the above three efforts! We must keep on pushing and pushing until we get Michael Badnarik into the debates with Bush and Kerry! But most importantly, tonight please continue contacting the media contacts we have posted (and any others that you can find) about the debates Michael Badnarik will be participating in tommorow.

If you have not joined our activism list please send a message to

Additionally, to find sample letters and more contact information please visit our website at

Please keep on pushing harder and harder to get Michael Badnarik into the presidential debates!

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