Debate Badnarik

Monday, October 11, 2004

Write the NY Sun and tell them what you think! Here's an example letter I wrote them: :
Dear Editor,

I am writing in regards to your latest report entitled "Libertarians Win a Hearing in Debate Case".

I just wanted to thank your paper for having the guts to report on this issue in which, until recently, there has been a fairly broad media blackout on this subject. While I know it is hard to stand out from your peers and report on the ignored issues, it is vital that such reports are made so that the American public at large has a chance to learn about all the issues that matter, in regards to helping run this government, and I thank you for doing so. I look forward to more reports from your paper.

With well deserved respect,
Michael Christenson II
Edwardsburg, Mich.

Here's the reply I've received:

Dear Mr. Christenson:

For our records, could you possibly provide us with your address and
telephone number so that we can consider your letter for publication?
We will not disclose the details.

Thank you.


M. Tumin
Asst. Edit Page Ed.

Want to see more media coverage for Badnarik and third parties? We absolutely must thank the media that does cover us. They're sticking their necks out for us and we should reward and encourage more of it.

Keep it up everyone!

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