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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Activist Alert for 10/3/04

We all need to reach out to those still undecided voters and even those who aren't comfortable with Bush or Kerry being the choice they may have made. We need to get on outside blogs and forums and drop a positive comment about Michael Badnarik, his policies, and the Libertarian Party wherever appropriate. Below we have listed a variety of popular political blogs that we should start to troll. The list is split up according to liberal (D), conservative (R) and non-partisan leanings. We have also provided a short list of talking points for you to base your comments on. If we all check a few blogs each, make comments and even reinforce comments made by other supporters we could stimulate a little interest in Michael Badanrik and his campaign. You are also encouraged to continue submitting Letters to the Editor, and forwarding Press Releases issued by the Badnarik campaign to your local media and the list of national media posted below in the 9/28/04 alert.

The media blackout continues so it is left to us to bring Michael Badnarik's message to the masses.

Actions to take today:

1) Work the blogs suggested with the talking points (all listed below).
2) Submit Letters to the Editor.
3) Forward Press Releases.
4) Contribute to the Michael Badnarik Campaign.

Talking points:

1) Bush & Kerry's fear of debating him.
2) He is the most viable third party candidate & on most ballots.
3) The lawsuit to stop the third debate.
4) Mention his socially liberal and fiscally conservative policies (where appropriate).
5) Refer to the Michael Badnarik website and blog.

Popular high-traffic blogs:

Daily Kos (D)
Political Animal (D)
Matthew Yglesias (D)
Talk Left (D)
Counterspin Central (D)
Digby's Hullabaloo (D)

Little Green Footballs (R)
Vodka Pundit (R)
Right Wing News (R)
Truth Laid Bear (R)
The Indepundit (R)
Wizbang (R)
Right Thinking Left Coast (R)

US Politics Online
Vox Day

This is not an endorsement of any of these blogs and we have no affiliation with any of them. They were selected based on their traffic volume and reader participation. If you have other blogs to suggest contact us.

Gary Feezel
DebateBadnarik Team

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