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Monday, October 04, 2004

Activist Alert for 10/5/04

We are going to make this one simple and we need everyone to participate. We've devoted a lot of time and effort promoting not just Michael Badnarik, but A debate sponsored by OpenDebates would get national media attention and potentially catapult Michael Badnarik into the national spotlight and then to the much desired match up with Bush and Kerry.

Aside from our own desires, OpenDebates is presently the best hope for changing one aspect of our political system. However if they do not produce a debate in this election cycle they could loose all credibility and create a major set-back for those who seek reform. With this in mind we need to petition OpenDebates once again to commission a new poll and see if there isn't sufficient desire among the voting public for real debates now that we've seen the sorry results of scripted debates. Use the sample letter below, or write your own and send it to the leaders of Their next scheduled debate is on Monday, October 11th so there is plenty of time to conduct a poll if we act now.


To: George Farah
bcc: (all other OpenDebates e-mails);;;;;;;

George Farah
Executive Director, Open Debates and Citizens Debate Commision
529 14th St. NW
Suite 1201
Washington, DC 20045
Ph 202-628-9195
Fax 202-628-9196

Christopher Shaw
Organizing Director, Open Debates
(See contact info above)

Board of Directors:

John B. Anderson
Chairman, Center for Voting and Democracy
6930 Carroll Ave, Suite 610
Takoma Park, MD 20912
Ph 301-270-4616
Fax 301-270-4133

Larry Noble
Executive Director, Center for Responsive Politics
1101 14th St., NW
Suite 1030
Washington, DC 20005
Ph 202-857-0044
Fax 202-857-7809

Randall Robinson
Founder, TransAfrica Forum
1426 21st Street, NW, 2nd Floor
Washington DC 20036
Ph 202-223-1960
Fax 202-223-1966

Paul Weyrich
Chairman, Free Congress Foundation
Free Congress Foundation
717 Second Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002
Ph 202-546-3000
Fax 202-543-5605

Angela "Bay" Buchanan
President, The American Cause
501 Church St. Suite 217
Vienna, VA 22180
Ph 703-255-2632
Fax 703-255-2219

Jon Hanson
Harvard Law Professor
403 Griswold Hall
1525 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138
Ph 617-496-5207
Fax 617-496-5156

Jamin B. Raskin
American University Law Professor
4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20016
Ph 202-274-4011
Fax N/A

Sample Letter:

Dear Open Debates,

While your decision to exclude most third party candidates from your previous debates was disappointing, your insistence on maintaining your organization's integrity is admirable. That being said, if you hold no debates in this election cycle your entire effort goes to waste and the reason for the existence of your organization is moot.

We once again ask that you consider commissioning a new poll to check the opinion of voters now that they have had the experience of a CPD "debate." We think you would find attitudes much changed as evidenced by the large number of editorials across the country recognizing the scripted nature of the recent event in Miami.

The Appleseed Citizen's Task Force which provided the blueprint you are following recommends the polling you are using, and even suggests the precise wording for that poll, it does not however have requirements for the timing, frequency or intervals of polls. Even the CPD criteria provide for re-sampling after debates thus allowing for participants to be added or removed according to the demands of the voting public.

Your project could result in a new paradigm for future elections but you must demonstrate that it can work in the public's best interest. If you are able to produce an open and honest debate in this election cycle you will come back in a position of strength in the next cycle and the positive change to our political process will be profound. Please commission an updated poll and show the American public what a real debate is.



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