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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Activist Update

With the first two REAL DEBATES (Badnarik vs. Cobb) and the first CPD bipartisan interview production and candidate review having been staged it's time we assess what we have accomplished, and what we need to do moving forward.

Despite the fact that Michael Badnarik has yet to debate the duopoly the DebateBadnarik movement has in fact been successful. The original goal of 100 activists was attained, with many others pitching in on an individual basis. While it is impossible to nail down an exact figure we have easily made well over 10,000 contacts, and had dozens of "Letters to the Editor" published across the country. If you add up the circulation numbers of the newpapers that published our letters the exposure runs into the millions of readers. It is hard to claim direct responsibility but over the last week opinion pages and columnists have echoed our view that the CPD "debates" are a sham. I like to think that the letters you activists sent to the editors influenced their writing.

Another small victory was in live contacts some of you made. One activist spoke directly with Janet Brown of the CPD, others were able to get through to people in influential positions and were able to make their point with those that control the political process. We were able to gain the attention and get a response from many of those we contacted, some even begging to be left alone. Part of our original intent was to get under the skin of the debate cabal. Check that off your list.

We will continue to focus on future debates in this movement. We will always work to get Michael Badnarik into the CPD "debates" despite the odds and in spite of the scripted formats. We will also monitor developments and actions of other groups like the Arizona Libertarians with their lawsuit, and the group and their protest movement at the CPD production scheduled in St. Louis. We will react accordingly to these activities. We will also continue to publicize any debate related appearance of our candidate Michael Badnarik. Stick with it folks, every contact you make heightens awareness of the Badnarik campaign and breaks down resistance to discuss his candidacy. Thank you for your participation to date and please keep working individually and with our activist alerts.

Gary Feezel
DebateBadnarik Team

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