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Friday, October 15, 2004

Final CNN Report

Editor: As originally reported on the Badnarik forum:

Well it's over. Things went worse and better than I expected. Never before have I been as fired up as I was yesterday; as well as completely alone.

CNN did come. Because of various uncontrollable circumstances, no other Libertarian could make it. So I stood alone against the crowd of Republicans, and a few Democrats, mostly driving by, sneering at both the Republicans and me, holding my yard sign high, and spreading the Libertarian message with everyone that passed by, for over an hour straight.

It is interesting the responses that I got from the Democrats. I've never seen so much venom, spite, and pure rage, directed towards anyone who did not agree with them, in my life. It was very saddening that, while Kerry touts himself now as a great unifier, his followers indeed have no interest in unification. They are simply greedy for political power, from what I saw yesterday.

To be fair I did get one decent response from a Democrat. He was a construction worker and seemed like a decent fellow. He would pace up and down doing his work with a Kerry sign taped to his back.

The response from the Republicans was one of wariness. They weren't mean and, with the exception of one person, they were glad I was there; many went as far as to thank me for being there. Many told me, as I walked around and through them, that they would vote for Badnarik if they thought he could win.

And that brings me to the next part. Everyone seemed very focused on winning. While I stood there and called for an end to property taxes, finance reforms, supporting our troops by bringing them home immediatly, ad nauseum, the Republicans only chanted "four more years, four more years, ... " and tried to get people to "... honk for Bush". Hardly anyone seemed to care about the real issues that matter. The idea I received was to get Bush back in office and then let him do all the thinking; he'll take care of the hard work and leave us to more entertaining aspects of life.

A truly sad moment came when I realized that Bush and Kerry, or the Republicans and Democrats respectively, are only in office because people don't want to care for their country: they just want to get this damn election thing over with as quickly as possible, so that they can get back to their "lives": and that I wasn't just making things seem like that before; that the whole nightmare was real!

The most important part of the day was not getting on the camera, they took time to give me an exclusive not just a background shot, but it was having serious discussions with people driving by and walking by. I received a lot of support from bystanders and many promises to vote for Badnarik this election from people who had never heard of him.

I further showed everyone that, even if there is only one person to stand up and share the truth, that a libertarian is willing to be that one person, despite being all adversity, to get the right things done and to say "I will fight for your rights and your freedom, even if you are not willing to do the same for me."

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