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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

One court battle tied... but the war is far from over

If you haven't learned yet, the AZLP lost the court battle over the injunction; although they did say we could sue for damages. It comes down to the fact that both Bush and Kerry said that if the injunction were placed on the debate, that they would not debate at all, thus leaving only Badnarik on the stage of the debate. the court said that it found the debate to have some educational value, (sick), so they did not want to halt them based on the formentioned.

Now that is, to me an acknowledgment that we are right, but we aren't going to have the injunction granted because the other people refused to debate us.

You can read it as you seem fit to.

One final note. We are not going to stop this battle; even if it whittles down to a skeleton crew again. Here is why.

We've all worked very hard, and I feel, as I've described previous over the phone with William, and through various emails, that we are just starting. This is a long term project. We have to keep working at this for future campaigns.

Think of it this way Gents, remember the earlier complaints that we didn't have time to implement everything we wanted to do, and that we wish we had gotten started earlier? Well we have more time granted to us; not for this election, but for the next one.

If we've done this much in so little time, just think of what we can do with 2-4 years! We have our foot in the door, and all we need to do is get a crowbar in there to help us pry it open more. We are opening the door for future campaigns.

In the spirit of the words of one of forefathers (Sam or John Adams[?]), we are fighting this battle so that the next group can get in the debates, so that the group after can win them and get into the main offices, so that future generations or Americans can enjoy the freedoms without having to do as we are doing today.

Let's keep this fight going, so that it is only we that will have to suffer this hard, so that it is easier for future libertarians, and liberty fighters, to follow after.

Michael Christenson II
cell: 269-591-0931

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