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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

You are a Precinct Captain, give Michael FIVE.

Your efforts on behalf of MB to date have been fantastic. Can you go for one more task? Give Michael FIVE for all his hard work. Five more voters that is.

Treat this as precinct work. Wherever you go and everyone you see up until election day is in your precinct. Convince everyone you can to vote Badnarik. There are still many undecided voters and plenty who are not comfortable voting for Bush or Kerry. All these voters are looking for is one good reason to NOT vote Bush or Kerry, and to make the decision easy for them we have created a list of 100 reasons why Badnarik is the better choice.

Print off this list and pass it around to friends, family and co-workers. Tack it up everywhere you go and on every bulletin board you see. At work, school, the grocery store, Laundromat, anywhere you can legally paste it, do so. E-mail the list to everyone you know. We need to generate as many votes as possible to make a strong showing that can not be ignored on election day.

Again be your own precinct captain. Approach everyone you see and share your enthusiasm for Michael Badnarik and his message of smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom. Everything you do today builds toward a better future for all of us.

Give Michael FIVE!

Gary Feezel & the DebateBadnarik Team

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