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Monday, October 04, 2004

You have other choices

I've been very concerned about the outlook lately of the current election year. Many are touting Bush and Kerry for president as our only real choices. The Bush camp, because they claim Kerry won't care about our defense, or will somehow make worse decisions than Bush on the war on terror, not to mention the flip flop excuse: the Kerry camp, because they claim Bush has made an atrocity out of the current situation, and shows no sign of improving in the future.

Sadly enough, they are both right about many things. But they do not take time to look in the mirror while making accusations.

  • Both of them have been doing a bad job in handling current affairs; Bush in the White House and Kerry in Congress.

  • Both will continue to do a horrible in defense of our country; as long preemptive strikes are the rule in defense, or the philosophy of the best defense is an offense, thus justifying our advances towards a warmonger nation, then we will never have our real defenses built up to protect ourselves; unless time is spent building actual defenses then we are still as weak as before, we are simply more of a bully than before; we cannot eradicate all of our enemies by simply destroying them, in the process we will make more and then have to destroy them, deplete the population more, advance our justifications, and repeat the cycle.

  • Both of them flip flop on their opinions and their decisions: for instance Bush on the 9/11 commission, which is scary because this was looking directly into how well our nation handles national emergencies such as 9/11; he was first against it, not wanting any questioning of his administrations job performance, then for it after political pressures had their way: and Kerry's decisions on the war on Iraq, again scary because American and Iraqi lives were and are at stake; first to allow the president to have the power to go to war if no other option was available, then against the 87 billion to provide our troops with protective equipment; although to be fair here, only about 60 billion of that was to go towards our troops, the rest was a blank check for whatever may arise:

    And in fact, many senators opposed this bill in it's first form, mostly republican, because it had no method of accountability with it's contractors, and there was concern that they may abuse the funds. Kerry in fact was one of many that proposed amendments to the bill. This is the normal process for bills. Would you want a bill sent through without careful concern about certain parts, and a slew of congressmen (and woman) going through it with a fine tooth comb? Enough said.

  • Both of them, given their current track record and campaign promises, will do worse in handling the current situation, and will continue to pursue atrocities against US citizens and foreign citizens: both should be dragged in front of a humans right court and tried for innumerable human rights violations.

And unfortunately this is not an exhaustive list of our bleak future under the rule of either administrations. For example, they both support the Patriot Act, this act that has been ruled unconstitutional by federal and supreme courts several times! And how exactly is Kerry or Bush going to improve our nation by keeping status quo? What makes one better than the other if they both have the same plans for our future?

The definition for insanity, is extreme folly or unreasonableness. In my view this is exactly what would describe the actions of Bush and Kerry, and anyone willing to vote for such acts should be described in like manner.

So assume that your still reading this, and have not been offended yet by my words, or perhaps you agree with me, where do we go from here? We go to the third parties, such as Libertarian Michael Badnarik, et cetera.

"But I don't know anything about them" you say. Well that's a valid response, one in which I have one solution. Allow those with a mathematical chance of winning to debate in the accepted public forums! Give them a chance to give their opinions to a candid world (so to speak) and let them choose, with full information, whom they would like for a president!

If you're still with me I would like to ask you to visit a few sites in which we are trying to put this in place. Please visit the BADNARIK and Open Debates movement. Also take a chance to view this live third party debate to see how useful this can be.

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