Debate Badnarik

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Moving Forward

Originally posted by Michael Christenson on unstableman

Now that the election's over, we can all breathe a bit.

Badnarik didn't get more than 400k, no Libertarian Governor or Congressman yet, the Author of the Patriot act is still in office, and now more than ever it's important to stand up for liberty and what is right.

So how can I say we can breathe now?

I can say that, because it is what we will need to do, to be rested and have the energy we need, to prepare for the work that we must commence to lay our hands at for the next 2, 4, 12 years. Not only that, but we need to take time to let our anger cool so that we may make better decisions going forward from here. It is vital that we do not get burned out accomplishing our goals; future generations depend on this moment now, as they do every moment of a freedom loving individual.

So, it is my suggestion and I would say take a break until after the new years, before getting seriously back in this. Take a breather and when you get back tell us what you did while you were gone. Then we can get back to some serious work.